The 'TASTER' Biscuit Box

  • If you like the sound of our FRESH ingredient dog treat biscuits but aren't sure if your 4-legged family member(s) will like them, Our TASTER BOX is the one for them! ONE 50g bag of each of the FIVE flavours in our biscuit range. Plus you can choose from 3 sizes of biscuits as well!

    NB: The large biscuit size is a special order so will take a little longer than normal to dispatched as they will be made specifically for you.

    • Suitable for dogs 6 months and older
    • Our biscuits are quite a strong and suit dogs who aren’t afraid to chew
    • Handmade in Buckinghamshire
    • Biscuits come in 3 different sizes: 20mm; 45mm or 65mm
    • All packets contain a minimum 50g


Medium size biscuits only :(

We’re exhibiting at the Olympia Horse Show the week before Christmas. Being a small company we had to make the decision to only produce our Medium size biscuits for it. As it’s such a large event we’ve had to put all our resources into baking for it. This means our usual stock of Small biscuits has run out and we won’t be able to restock until after Christmas. Therefore we can only offer the Medium size biscuits until after Christmas. We apologise for any inconvenience.