The '3-Pack Saver' Biscuit Box

  • We have now introduced The '3-Pack Saver' Biscuit Box for customers that a 'Foodie' or 'Pick-6' Biscuit Box is just too many biscuits.

    You can choose THREE 150g packets of any of our flavours and receive a saving of 90p on the individual packet price.

    You can be happy knowing our biscuits are made with human-grade ingredients, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but no additives, preservatives or derivatives. PLUS you get one packet FREE

    • Suitable for dogs 6 months and older
    • Our biscuits are quite strong and suit dogs who aren’t afraid to chew
    • Handmade in Buckinghamshire
    • Biscuits come in 3 different sizes: 20mm; 45mm or 65mm
    • All packets contain a minimum 150g