What Drives Us

What drives us? Creating the best biscuit we possibly can. Not profit, not ease of production, only the health, welfare (and tastebuds) of the dogs we are proud to bake for.

As much as we can we will use UK ingredients, obviously some things such as coconut oil and bananas will come from warmer climates but apples, carrots, oats, flour and honey are all sourced from right here in Britain.

That has led us to create a biscuit that is unique in the market. Not only do we use fresh ingredients, we try and create biscuits that are a little bit different; Apple & Cheese, Blueberry & Honey and Carrot & Ginger. It’s great to speak to an owner who’s dog just gets to eat meat based products and then they see their dog gobble up our biscuits.

Helping dogs in need is  a big driver for us so we have a little fund of our own that receives 15p from each bag of biscuits we sell. We hope that one day we will be selling so many bags of biscuits that our fund will be able to pay for the veterinary expenses of dogs rescued from puppy farms.