Our Ingredients

We spent many hours researching and testing various sources and manufacturers of natural ingredients to find the best ingredients possible for our biscuits. This involved a good 2 months looking for English honey, not a blend using English and European honey. Yes it's more expensive, but it's the best possible honey we can source and as it from the UK.

All our ingredients come directly from the human food chain. We would never feed Barney food or biscuits made from poor ingredients and definitely wouldn't make our biscuits with poor ingredients and sell them to you.

We are please to be able to say that we pulp and juice our fresh ingredients before adding them to the biscuit dough. This makes them smell like human food rather than dog treats and gives each biscuit it's own look, feel and taste. You can even see some of the fresh ingredient such as the blueberries and carrot in the biscuits as you feed them to your dog.

As we use such high quality natural ingredients and as few as possible per biscuit, we are told by many customers that they are very good for their dogs that have very sensitive tummies.

Finally, as we start from such a good base there is no chance of finding any derivatives, preservatives or additives in any of our biscuits.

We're making a slight change to our biscuits. We're swapping coconut oil for English cold pressed rapeseed oil. This is for health and carbon foot print reasons. As we sell through the current stock your order may contain packets with coconut oil and some with rapeseed oil. If this is an issue please let us know and we will try and make sure your order contains just one oil.